The P04 would be a great ski without the trick geometry, but the mini-rocker makes it easier and more forgiving than any ski that’s capable of similar performance.
P04’s by Powder Magazine
The P03 ski is more precise and carve-capable, and is probably easier to ski all day than many other twintips. The famous Palmer sidecut design seems to allow this ski to make great turns at various speeds, extending its range of capabilities outside the park and pipe to all kinds of terrain on the mountain. Very fun and sporty.
P03’s by
I skied the P01 both in the powder (where they pleasantly surprised me) and on the groomed (where they seemed to be truly at home). This is a high performing, damp, all mountain ski with great edge grip which can be turned quickly. I think these skis are serious contenders for a great all around ski.
P01’s by
This is certainly a fun ski. Slow or fast, the Palmer inspired comfort and confidence. This is definitely a performance ski, but one that is easy to ski.
P02’s by
Definitely a ski for carving aficionados looking to improve their game with a high performance tool. Realistically, anyone can jump on the Palmers and instantly feel the sweet spot and the movements encouraged by the ski and begin laying down very nice tracks. Addicting and smooth. Easy to rip on. I want to add these to my quiver.
P02’s by
Palmer's unique design has produced a ski that feels different from any other we have tested and one which seems like it could etch perfect carves into a pane of hardened glass. And, the amazing part, at the same time, the PO2 can be skied at low speeds with progressively soft edges. All this adds up to a superb on-piste ski capable of almost anything at any speed.
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