In January 2001 Shaun Palmer won his fifth gold medal at the ESPN Winter X Games and February 12 ESPN crowned him Action Sports Athlete of the  Year at the ESPY Awards. Other recipients that day included Tiger Woods  and Michael Jordan. Details Magazine titled Shaun Athlete of the Year in 1998, and eight years ago USA Today touted him as the World’s  Greatest Athlete in a cover story.

Shaun has made a bad-boy name  for himself by dragging his tattooed body (all of his tats have to do  with Cadillacs) to compete in major world snowboarding events and win  most of them. With five snowboarding World Championships under his belt,  Shaun went on to compete in Skiercross, Snocross, Snowmobiling,  Ultracross, and Boardercross at the Winter X Games.

Shaun has  many reasons to be confident… in 1996, he decided he would try  Downhill Mountain Biking, a sport he had never trained in. He climbed  onto a bike, hit the hills and shocked the pro tour by promptly winning  two events and missing first place at the World Championships by just a  small part of a second (.15 to be exact).

He was immediately  given a pro sponsorship by Specialized Bicycles and a major endorsement  deal with Swatch Watches. Swatch later developed a Shaun Palmer Access  watch, which to date has sold more than 150,000 units.

In 1998,  during his break between snowboarding and mountain biking seasons, Shaun competed in the Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix and won the event even  ahead of the pros in the race. In 2001, going head to head with the  world’s best professional skiers, Shaun won the Skiercross at the ESPN Winter X Games in Mt. Snow, Vermont and at the Gravity Games on Mammoth  Mountain.

In 2002, Shaun entered a unique promotional  relationship with the Honda Motorcycle Division. He competed with a  factory-prepped Honda CR motocross bike in the American Motorcyclist Association’s (AMA) Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championships but crashed in the first moto.

“There are a lot of great athletes  out there. But all the great athletes are only doing one sport. No one’s  trying what I’m trying,” said Palmer of his multi-sport career.

In  2003, Shaun tackled another sport he calls his real love, motorcycle  racing on the Supercross tour. “I’ve gotten all the speed I can out of  gravity. It’s time to try a motor,” he said. In his first professional  race at the Los Angeles Coliseum, “The Palm” qualified for his first AMA  125cc Supercross main event. This type of immediate success in  Supercross is virtually unheard of.

Shaun’s popularity continued  to grow as Activision, Inc. developed a Shaun Palmer Pro Snowboarder  game for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system.

In his  spare time Shaun collects vintage Cadillacs cars and enjoys all types  of water sports and golf. When not training for one sport or another,  Shaun serves as the CEO of Palmer Snowboards, founded in 1995.