P01 Freestyle Twin

 All Mountain Twin White – Freestyle Versatility

DESCRIPTION: Before you start talking to first-timers riders about their riding style, just put them on these revolutionary Smart FLF Rocker Twin Tips. They’ll come back next year or next week thanking you.

Our All-Mountain Freestyle P01 finds the balance between the stiffness freeriders need for effortless, stable turns at all speeds and the snappy smoothness freestylers require for their own self-expression. Blurring the distinction from peak to park, the P01 offers the perfect solution for every rider. This ski is so easy-to-ride, instructors will have a hard time recommending anything but the P01.

RIDER: Chances are that the P01 is the perfect match for newbies to the expert rider (or you).


+ Twin-Like FLF Rocker Shape + NCF Prepreg + Titanium and Beech/Poplar Sandwich Construction + Laminated Cyan Sidewalls + Race Structured 7200 Graphite Base
Ski (cm)163171179
Length (mm)163017101790
Radius (m)K 15.9K 17.5K 19.4
Tip (mm)120121125
Waist (mm)848589
Tail (mm)112113117